Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday night highlights

My husband had not been feeling well that day but because he has such a servant's heart, he drove us to the Club and then remained in the car to pray.  He does this everytime but I have failed to mention it.  He is my human hero.  We picked up Pam first.  She had cooked for her family most of that day and loved every minute of  it - she is a marvelous cook. Pam is a nurturer.  Next we picked up Carmen.  She was floating on cloud nine because she had spent that morning ministering at a retirement home.  Carmen does worshipful dance - I have heard it's like glimpsing Heaven itself.  Carmen is an encourager. 

                                          Pam, Carmen and me about to enter the Club

Before arriving, we read Ps. 66 and prayed our hearts out.  I prayed specifically that each of  us would be able to connect with a dancer.  The Lord was faithful to do this! As we were walking in the Bouncer held the door for us.  He gave us a big smile and said he was happy to see us.  One of the dancers came running up to me and said, You're back! Do you remember me?"  She hugged me and kissed my cheek three times.  Likewise, Carmen and Pam were each able to connect with a dancer.
God is so mighty!

The dancer I talked with had just attended her cousin's baby's funeral.  The baby boy was only two-months old. She wept as she held on to me and said, "Angie, I know you will pray."  Then she was called to perform on stage.  I watched her as she pulled herself together...she sighed deeply, threw her head back, and seemed to go to a numb place in her mind before she walked up on the stage.  She was bone thin and looked very weak.  Please pray she will telephone us.

Pam spoke to a dancer who was brand new to the Club.  She has three children, and her husband is incarcerated. She said her husband had left her in dire straits. She does not have a permanent home and is moving from friend to friend.  She is stressed because the children will begin school soon and she is not settled.  This young woman of course was very fearful of the future.  We are praying she will call us so we can help.

Carmen spoke with a dancer who asked for prayer for her six-month old brother who is having heart surgery this week.  Carmen said the young lady had been raised in church and knew that this was not God's will for her life.  She like many of the dancers are paying there way through college.  We told her about the Christians' Womens' Job Corps. and the scholarships they offer. Carmen told her we would love to help her.  I think we saw a hint of hope in her eyes.  

                                                         Entrance of the Club

Please continue to pray salvation and protection for the dancers.  We covet your prayers!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tonight is the night

We can hardly wait for 9 p.m. to arrive!  Pam, Carmen and I are so thrilled to be going to the Club tonight.  Our God is mighty!!! Life Way has been faithful to supply the Bibles for our baskets which blesses our hearts.  This week when I went to see the manager I asked a sales associate if I could talk to him.  She smiled at me and said, "of course, I will call him now."  She picked up the phone and proceeded to tell him that Mary Magdalene was there to see him.  Apparently there was a pause on the phone before he answered and said, "Do you mean Angie from the Mary Magdalene Ministry?" At this point we all were laughing. Today I was thinking I really do want to be like Mary Magdalene.  After all, she was the first one Jesus appeared to after his death, and told her to go and tell the disciples that He had risen from the dead. We want these dancers to know Jesus Christ as Mary did.  We want them to know He is alive, He is our All in All.  We want them to fall in love with our Savior.

I will be sure to report back.  It will probably be after midnight before we get home, but can I tell you there is nothing but joy on this journey!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Abused and Used

July 9, 2011

Carmen and I went to the club last night with 15 baskets to minister to the dancers.  Business was slow so we were able to spend about 1 1/2 hours there.  The bouncer remembered us and smiled and hugged us both.  Next, the bar maid came out and hugged us.  A few of the dancers were new and thought we were selling makeup. Their faces softened as we talked about the Gospel.

I was able to have an extended time with one of the dancers.  Her story was heartbreaking.....she longs to leave this lifestyle. Please pray for salvation for her.  She is the mother of a 15-month daughter.  The dancer said, "This is no place for a Mom to be."

These women have been badly abused and used.  Please pray for their salvation and healing of emotional hurts.  We want to be Jesus with skin on to the dancers.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Starting Out...

Mary Magdalene Ministry is an outreach program designed to love, encourage, and witness to women involved in the adult entertainment industry.

Currently, I am ministering in a club in the Huntsville, Alabama area.  I usually go with one other woman, and we take baskets filled with products to pamper women spiritually and physically.  Items typically include: Bibles, bubble bath, and beauty products.  Going in with these free gifts opens the door to the gospel.  When women ask, "How much?" we respond with, "It's free!"  Before we know it, we are able to share the love of Jesus with them. 

This is an exciting ministry and one that has already begun to produce positive outcomes.  We covet your prayers.  If you would like to know more, please become a "follower" of this blog to receive updates.