Tuesday, May 6, 2014

GOD is Glorious!!!

Spring has finally sprung and new life surrounds us. Don't know about you, but I enjoy the sunshine more than I care for rain.  The LORD has been shining on this ministry and it is truly marvelous in our eyes!  My heart is so excited as I type this and I can't stop smiling!!  Here is my attempt to describe what our Almighty Lord has been doing.

Easter has come and gone but He has risen, He has risen indeed!  The Lord had put it on my heart to gift a certain house mom with a certain Bible.  And not only that, to gift the owner of the strip club with a Bible as well. The warfare we experienced that week was awful, but Praise the Lord, He that is in us is bigger than he that is in the world.  When we handed the house mom her Bible, the first words from her mouth were, "Did my husband call you?"  She proceeded to tell us she had just mentioned to her husband about wanting a Bible she could understand. We told her we had not heard from her husband, but we had heard from the Lord. The house mom declared, "God heard me!!" This gave us the perfect opportunity to tell her how much Jesus Christ loved her. She walked around the dressing room clutching the Bible to her heart stating, "God heard me, I can't believe it, but God really heard me." Several times during the evening when we would look over at her, she had her Bible open and all of her attention was on it.  Amazing, I am covered with holy bumps as I relate this to you.  Yesterday we had our first Bible study with her, studying the Gospel of John.  She teared up as the gospel was presented, and she knew she needed to surrender to Christ.  She began asking questions about baptism and how to find the "right" church.  Long story short, she will meet with us every Tuesday to be discipled. The house mom kept thanking us, but we were thanking the Lord for her heart.  What a glorious God we serve and may we never, ever forget it!

The night before Easter we ventured into the other club we visit.  In this place we are not allowed into the dressing rooms, so there we were in the midst of a den of iniquity.  We noticed there was a dancer that did not remove her clothes when she danced and looked uncomfortable in her surroundings. We prayed for an opportunity to speak to her and the Lord made it happen.  I looked into her eyes and told her she did not belong in that place. She teared up and agreed with me. The dancer said that she had a very godly mother who was unaware of what she was doing.  I told her the Lord promises her a future and a hope and it certainly was not where we were standing.  She was really crying at this point, she hugged me and went into the dressing room.  We did not see her again. How we are praying for her. 

There was also an elderly man there who was acting particularly vile and perverted. His behavior both bothered and disturbed me.  Just weeks before an elderly man who was employed by this strip club passed away. We had spoken the truth in love to him but it didn't appear that he had ears to hear.  I felt a strong urgency to warn this man.  I went up to him and tapped his shoulder and said, "I need to tell you the Lord is watching you."  He looked at me and with a drunken slur said,"Who?"  So I repeated what I had just said except this time, I spoke as loudly as I could.  He sobered up and all at the men at his table got quiet.  We left after this, our prayer is these men would have ears to hear and have a healthy fear of God. That the Lord would save them!!!

 As you read this, would you join us in praying for the ones mentioned above and for our ministry.  We covet your prayers