Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The LORD Never Sleeps

This week has really been a roller coaster ride for me. Life is full of ups and downs,why do I forget  we live in a fallen world. Anyway, Mary Magdalene Ministry had two big events this week, an outing at a strip club we have been ministering to for the last three years and an opportunity to speak to a local women's ministry event where we were invited to share about the ministry.  Every good and perfect thing come from Him!

Friday morning I woke up exhausted, not a great way to start the day.  I had led Bible study the day before, which I love, and then frantically prepared supper for my husband and his boss.  Knowing I'm not the best of cooks, I find it nerve wracking to prepare food for others.  Thankfully, it went fine, although I didn't taste a bite.  After cleaning the kitchen, I fell into bed. Now back to Friday, we had decided to take cupcakes as well as Bibles and devotions to the dancers.  I had ordered the prettiest cupcakes I could find from a local bakery. Pam had ordered cupcake boxes with crosses....just perfect.  There was only one problem, the cupcake boxes were too small, the cupcakes would have been ruined.  Now even as I write this, I realize this should have not been such a problem. I called Pam to tell her the situation, and she jumped into action as she always does. While out shopping for larger boxes, she tripped and took a bad fall.  The Lord had a sweet woman nearby who helped Pam up and took her to the nearest restroom to clean her bloodied face.  While all this was going on, Pam began to ask the woman how she could pray for her. That's our Pam, such a servant heart!  But long story short, there was no way Pam could go with us Friday night.  Sweet Stephanie had a family commitment so it was just Carmen and me.

We found the dressing rooms full of dancers with a few faces that we have never seen.  There was a different vibe going on....the new dancers seemed especially brazen and the filthiest language we have ever heard was filling the air.  Suddenly one of the dancers came up to us and asked where was the rest of our group.  When we told her of Pam's accident, she said, "Prayer circle, I don't know how to do that prayer thing, but you ladies do, so do it!"  So there we were lifting high the name of Jesus in that dark place.  Not long after, the house mom asked if we could come to her office to pray with her.  While there, she showed us a basket that we had left which still had a couple of Bibles in it.  She said, "I hope it was alright to let the girls who wanted Bibles to have them."  We assured her it was what we wanted and then she said the most incredible thing, "I think the girls that took them have not come back" as she said this her eyes sparkled. We just know that the Lord is continuing to woo her heart and it is marvelous in our eyes.

 The night seemed to linger on....the dancers really liked the cupcakes and were taking pictures of them with their phones. One of the dancers that we have known for the last three years was looking particularly forlorn.  As she sat in that dressing room, hearing all that filth, we could tell she just wanted to run.  Carmen really ministered to her at this point.  She whispered to her that she didn't belong in that place.  She had a different spirit and the Lord loved her....it was then the dancer began to weep and hug Carmen as tight as she could.  Carmen began praying in the Name of Jesus Christ and suddenly the room became very quiet.  Before Carmen stopped praying, all of the dancers had left the room. Carmen told the dancer that at the Name of Jesus Christ all evil must flee.  That is exactly what happened. We sensed the Holy Spirit of God hovering over us. HE is amazing!!!
It was midnight by the time I got to bed and I was just praising the LORD that HE never sleeps.  The next morning, Carmen and I were presenting the ministry to a local church.  The room was packed.  Even though it was a women's ministry event, there were several men who were in the leadership of the church present.  I spoke about twenty minutes and then Carmen danced to "Take Me to the King" which we feel is the heartbeat of the Mary Magdalene Ministry. We believe the Holy Spirit was again hovering over us.  Right after a woman ran up to me and fell in my arms.  She was violently crying and told me that her daughter was a dancer at one of the clubs we minister to. The mother continued lamenting that her daughter had married one of the managers and that he was now prostituting her out. I have never seen such raw pain. The mother said she had stopped praying for her daughter.  We told her that's okay because we will pray for her.  This daughter has two sons which the grandmother is raising.  The daughter has chosen this evil man over her sons. Heartbreaking.  We know it is no coincidence that we met this woman.  She didn't even know we would be speaking, but the LORD did!  We know he orchestrated this whole event with her in mind.  I have no doubt this woman left that church Saturday feeling very loved by her LORD.  We are storming the gates of Heaven on behalf of this grandmother, her daughter to open her eyes and see the evil that is all about her, to repent and return to Jesus Christ and to her sons who need her desperately.  May what the locust has stolen from this family be restored in the Name of Jesus Christ!

Prodigal daughters that's who we minister to.  I don't ever want to forget that face of raw pain lest I become weary doing good. We must fight the good fight of faith. If we don't go into these evil strip clubs to tell these girls about the Gospel of Jesus Christ who will.  Just as Jesus went out of His way to the woman at the well, we will continue to go out of our way.  May HE alone receive glory, honor, and praise!!!

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